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16 Dec


Distracting the mind is an endless game,

Round and round and round we play,

Twisting, turning, dodging the guilt,

Chin up, chest out, never retreat.


What happens when the thread unravels?

When truth and lies meet on the same level.

Where do we go, Where do we travel?

The mysterious mind, hidden behind shiny apparel.


– V


Midnight Musings #1

26 Nov

Hello, here’s another something I wrote. Hope you like it. I decided to call these little pieces my Midnight Musings. Raw, real and all over the place. It is what it is :

I’m making my way.

As we all are.

Waddling, falling, running, walking.

I try. I pick my broken self off the ground and try again.

It f*c*ing hurts sometimes.

Outside looking in. Riddled in sin.

Quiet moments elude.

Peace and truth. Laughter.

What is real? I am. Human.

Me. You. Them. Us. We. He. She.

What else? Nothing.

Walk on. Dream on. Ride on.

Cry on.

F*c*ing keep trying until you drop and can’t anymore.

We all have our demons. Its okay.

Fight. Lose. Succeed. Win. Love.

Another day. Believe.

Much love,