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24 Jul

How easily we tear apart

Those who seek to fill our hearts.

We murder their mind

With endless games

And paint the walls with their pain.


Their silent cries

Cause no refrain, only disdain,

As we reel from the ‘high’ of the kill

In our spoilt little brains.


How easily

We take them for granted

Build expectations then scream even louder

How easily we forget

That assumptions are the root of regret.


Hi there! Just wanted to say a little thank you for sticking with my blog and reading my writing. I appreciate you. ❤

Much Love,



18 May

I will NOT be ignored.

Understand this.

Let it seep into the deepest corners of your soul.

I am not a diva. This is not my ego talking.

But respect given is respect earned.

Believe me when I say,

I know my worth and I will not settle for less.

So listen to these words,



Dear Reader, it’s been a while! I’ve missed you. Hope you are keeping well.

Much Love,




29 Jan

An illusion.

Is that who I am?

A child who simply plays pretend?

They say we live up to our names.

Gosh, Darn, it’s driving me insane.


I am a picture of beauty, my blemishes and scars covered in a flurry.

I am a picture of youth, my wrinkly truth hidden unseen.

I am a melting pot of talent,

My insecurity covered thickly in words apparent.


Illusion. I am me.

I am not what you see,

I am not one, but free.


I am bound by fear,

I am freed by truth,

If only I see inside,

If only I seize my youth.


Thanks for reading,
Much Love,
– V


27 Jan

Tell me.

Whisper beautiful words in my ear.

Tell me stories of joy and laughter,

Where lies are hidden in truth, encased in desire.

Once more,

Spin golden tales of love so true.

Speak again.

This time, I may believe you.


Thanks for reading,
Much Love,

– V


26 Jan

I gave in again.

It was sick, sordid, seductive beyond measure.

I couldn’t say no.

The sickly sweet perfume of temptation encased me,

Tempting, teasing, hugging me close.

A moment darling, just one she whispered.

Give in.

One release, that’s all you need.

Then you’ll be able to sleep in peace.

So I did. I gave in.

This one last time I whisper in my heart of hearts…

Secretly knowing it won’t be so.

Thanks for reading.
Much Love,

– V


7 Jan



What are you and I but bones covered in flesh,

Wrapped up in packages of different colors and size,

but essentially the same; Human.


3 Jan



Words. Word. Words.

Sweet f**king words.

Sharp biting words.

All over, All around.


Once again, 

I swallow them down.

On and on and on they pour,

I wish I could run away and slam the door.


Haven’t I lifted you enough?

I haven’t any tears left, 

Though as a child I was so tough.

Maybe it finally caught up these past few years,

I creaked, cracked, fell and stumbled. 


Tired, Achy, 

There’s a thumping in my head.

I wonder again, 

What will be used in my stead.


Enough. Please.


– O.V