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26 Jan

Hello reader! This was a random piece I wrote on a friend’s post on Instagram. It was a post about Pacific Rim and how she loved the machines so I was teasing her about having a crush on the leading man. 🙂

“His name is Gypsy Danger. Oohhhh yeeeaahhh”, she said as the word ‘Raleigh’ whispered through her head. Her heart fluttered at the thought of him riding Danger on the screen in front of her. 

Man and machine, flesh and metal fused together as one. Big, bad, and devastatingly beautiful. Her heart was hers no more, it belonged to the figures behind that thin layer of glass before her. More aptly, it belonged to the man behind the machine. 

That’s it. Hope you like it. It was fun to write.
Much love,
– V