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28 Jan

Why? – She asked herself,

As she scrolled through the endless streams of pictures,

People laughing, hugging, singing praises,

Decked out in gold, heels, red lipstick and laces.


Why do I hurt myself?

Why should it matter to me what their life is like?

Why should it matter if it’s real or just a disguise?

Are people truly that happy?


So what if I don’t live my life in glitz or glam?

Is it better that I pretend?

Why? Why torture myself with images of dreams?

Seemingly unattainable futures that gleam.


A crown of hailing glory?

Or truth with a sad story?

I wish I could turn off the thoughts in my head.

I should really be sleeping, it’s really that late.


I wish I could. I wish. I wish.

I tell myself grabbing cookies and a dish.

I am happy for them.

I am happy but sad.

I am a circle going haywire.

Why? Why wasn’t I prepared?


Thanks for reading,
– V