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24 Jul

How easily we tear apart

Those who seek to fill our hearts.

We murder their mind

With endless games

And paint the walls with their pain.


Their silent cries

Cause no refrain, only disdain,

As we reel from the ‘high’ of the kill

In our spoilt little brains.


How easily

We take them for granted

Build expectations then scream even louder

How easily we forget

That assumptions are the root of regret.


Hi there! Just wanted to say a little thank you for sticking with my blog and reading my writing. I appreciate you. ❤

Much Love,



7 Jan



What are you and I but bones covered in flesh,

Wrapped up in packages of different colors and size,

but essentially the same; Human.

I believe

8 Dec

I believe in a world without strangers,
I believe in a world with no borders,
I believe in friends who are neighbours,
I believe in love holding hands with labour.

I believe in truth without lies,
I believe in faith with no disguise,
I believe in men and women,
I believe in age and wisdom.

I believe in imagination and children,
I believe in planting a garden,
I believe in loving with your heart wide open,
I believe in mind consuming passion.

I believe in dreams and work,
I believe in sentences and words,
I believe in positivity inside,
I believe sometimes we all hide.

I believe to look is not to feel,
I believe that in time we all see what is real,
I believe you are I and I am me,
I believe that we all guilty.

I believe you’re okay, breathe and count to 3,
I believe it’s part of learning to be free,
I believe we fall down to ask why,
I believe it’s okay for the strong ones to cry.

I believe tears do not mean defeat,
I believe in standing on your own two feet,
I believe in the end it all comes full circle,
Love death life is always a riddle.

I believe it wouldn’t be fun without,
Why else would we be allowed to scream and shout,
I believe in keeping the dream alive,
I believe you feel what you feel inside,
Don’t question, just try.

I believe that humanity is just a word,
We are all family and that cannot be disturbed,
I believe in the here and now,
I believe in seconds not hours.

I believe that things are as they should be,
I believe a smile can cure anything,
If it’s truly from you to me.


30 Nov


In nature there is truth,

In nature there is silence,

In nature there is wisdom,

In nature there is solace,

In nature there is ‘you’,

In nature there is music,

In nature there is art,

In nature there is freedom,

In nature there is God.

Much Love,

Hello World

13 May

So, here I am. Welcome to my blog.

After hours upon hours of procrastination, I finally am getting down to setting up my blog and first post. =)

To be honest, the question that was bugging me was basically ‘what do I write about?’. My on-going battle with insomnia? The Cat Chronicles of Bolt, Princess Yolo and Mr Meaow? Still don’t have an answer to that question but I guess the best way to get an answer sometimes is just to ‘start’.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing  guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.
The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” –  Sylvia Plath

Self-doubt. Insecurity. Fear.

Absolutely normal feelings. Everyone has them. Its what you do with what you feel that truly makes a difference. It is however, not as easy for some as it is for others. Maybe you might have gone through something more traumatizing than the person sitting next to you and never, ever want to feel that way again. Sure. But how long do you want to keep yourself trapped in that ‘hole’ or ‘castle’ rather, that you built?

Each day living, never making a difference and watching…always watching and yearning. Making up excuses and putting things off to ‘tomorrow’. I’m guilty of being that way, and not in the ‘Im-a-college-kid-and-its-the-summer-break’ way. There were a few things that happened to I guess push me in that direction. But I’ve decided, No More.

Its time for a Change. There are things in life that I want and its time I go out and get em. So no holding back. No excuses. Am I scared? Without a doubt. Having fear in you does not make you weak. It is a driving force for you to go out prove yourself wrong. Screw the world. Let them say what they want. What matters is YOU. Once you’ve done it (which you will have in time, God willing), look back and say proudly, ‘I did it!’.

So what’s next? A Vision Board. Yup, you read it right.

“Life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.” – A.R.

Time to test out that theory. Why not, right?  You know how people always say make a list? For shopping or of things to do? Well, I’ll be making mine of what I want out of life. Not sure if I’ll post it here, but we’ll see. =)

Anyhoos, talk about a long-ish first post right? =) Mainly the message here is :

We Can Achieve Anything We Set Our Minds To. 
Be Strong, Don’t Lose Hope and Love Yourself.

So with a ton of positive vibes and love, I would like to share a song with you that made a difference inside me when I heard it. :

Who You Are – Jessie J

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars,

Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
But tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
There’s nothing wrong with who you are.

Do leave a comment if you feel what I’m saying or just to say hi. =)
Thanks for reading.

Much Love,