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26 Dec

Sometimes I feel so constantly torn,
Whats right? Whats wrong?
Where do I belong?

I fight the fire,
I hide from the rain,
I feel the the burn,
I swallow the pain.

What makes us human?
A desire to forgive?
Sometimes I wonder, if it truly exists.


Behind the Shadows

14 Dec



It is silent, a supposed friend in the shadows.

Darkness disguised by light.

It lurks behind the curtain, surfacing ever so often to make sure it’s grip around my heart and mind is still exists. It squeezes a little, feeling my breath shorten, my nerves pulsate, my lungs struggle to live…to survive another day.


“I’m still here, my love. Forever and always I am a part of you.”

“No, you are but a demon in disguise. A shadow of my past. Goodbye.”



I fall down again.

Down this tunnel of self-deprecation. Of pain. Of hate.

Of trying to pull myself to the surface but failing.

Of trying to break free of this whirlpool of shadows that clings on and pulls.

It happens time and time again.

I am so tired.


“Be beautiful. Cover up.”

“Speak your mind. Do not be out of line.”

“Family before friends. Friends before family.”


Enough. Please.


I feel like I am always in the wrong. Always.

There is never something right that I am doing.

Positivity is a lie. Beauty is a lie. I am my name. Illusion.

I am dying inside. Innocence lost. Time running out.



Poisonous words engulfed in love running through my veins.

“Do not take this to heart. You may hate me. Think about it.”


Obligations. Truth. Half-lies. Disguises. Smiles.
Thoughts. Expectations. Love. Success. Failure. Tears.

I am far from perfect. This I know.


Am I human? Sometimes I wonder.

I always thought there was something more. Some miracle. Some story behind the door of my existence. Yet now, it seems to be slipping away.

Together with my mind. Together with my soul. Together with me.


What is the point? I have no magic in me anymore.
I am tired. Withered. Worn. Burnt. Spent.

Enough. Please.



These words.

These words are my light, my salvation, my purging of sorrows.

Another day. I live.

–  V

Dark Moments

11 Dec

It is the rampant disease of mindless chaos that ruins lives.

The endless screaming of souls being lost to greed that never seems to cease.

Rushing, running, questioning and hiding, we all take turns.

Shadows at play in the light.

Wingless birds dreaming of taking flight.


What is it that we are fighting for?

As tendrils of thick, wet, soggy darkness enclose around us,

What is it that keeps us moving towards the light?

Or is it just darkness, beautifully disguised?


Is what we are merely an illusion of being?

Are we dancers on strings play acting the lives we are living?

At this point in our existence, it isn’t too far fetched to say the mirror lies.

That around the world, in the higher corners of the land, nobody truly cries.

That good and evil have mixed and mingled.

That truth and justice are coloured by lies on the surface.


What is real?

You tell me.

– V