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Conundrum #2

5 Feb

It’s like the ex you keep returning to,

Knowing it’ll only hurt you,

Yet round and round the cycle goes,

Keeping you dancing on frostbitten toes.

Why you choose to forget,

And believe that people’s attitudes can be reset,

Why you choose to remember the good,

And cause yourself pain wishing you understood,

Only God knows.


Thanks for reading,
Much Love,
– V.



1 Feb

It comes, It haunts,

It teases, It taunts,

It boils to the top,

It raises me up,

My hands stop short,

My body screams “stop”.

I need to scratch,

I need to feel pain,

No I’m not numb,

I’m just going insane,

The relief lasts only for a fragment of a second,

The pain is just a small distraction,

Of thoughts running wild with no direction.

Thanks for reading,
Much Love,
– V


26 Jan

I gave in again.

It was sick, sordid, seductive beyond measure.

I couldn’t say no.

The sickly sweet perfume of temptation encased me,

Tempting, teasing, hugging me close.

A moment darling, just one she whispered.

Give in.

One release, that’s all you need.

Then you’ll be able to sleep in peace.

So I did. I gave in.

This one last time I whisper in my heart of hearts…

Secretly knowing it won’t be so.

Thanks for reading.
Much Love,

– V


Goldroom – Sweetness Alive

12 Jul


Its been a while but here’s an awesome song for you to check out. Takes me to a different place. =) Hope it does the same for you! Addicted. ❤

Much Love,