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28 Nov

Its like a lump of lead that is somehow attached to my solar plexus.

Sometimes I manage to ignore it. Other times, it seems bigger and heavier than the universe itself. Pulling me down into myself.

Deeper and deeper.

Do I matter?

Will I make a difference?

Im afraid to hear the answers to those questions sometimes. I constantly feel like running away. Just dissapearing.

Weak. So weak.



25 Jul

A piece of broken glass
That is all that’s left
As my body shattered into a million pieces
While my soul bled out
Weary and weakened

By the lies
By the egos
By the broken trust
By the burning sorrow

Where do I go now
What do I do now
These chains seem to cling on
They seem to know where I am 
And tag along

It feels so loud
No longer limited to 
Being a background sound

I’m tired. Of giving my heart and my trust out only for it to be thrown in my face. When a sorry is all it takes, sealed by a sad embrace. Tired of these lies.
ANGRY at the way it is.

Grateful for the Angels that God surrounds me with. 

~ ~ ~

Much Love from my shattered heart,


24 Jul

How easily we tear apart

Those who seek to fill our hearts.

We murder their mind

With endless games

And paint the walls with their pain.


Their silent cries

Cause no refrain, only disdain,

As we reel from the ‘high’ of the kill

In our spoilt little brains.


How easily

We take them for granted

Build expectations then scream even louder

How easily we forget

That assumptions are the root of regret.


Hi there! Just wanted to say a little thank you for sticking with my blog and reading my writing. I appreciate you. ❤

Much Love,


29 Jun

She was broken. 

But never defeated or less divine.

She danced in the moonlight of her mind, 

While the darkness inside caused her pain that was incredibly sublime.

She was hidden from the world.

She was missing but not lost.

Her heart was on fire but surrounded by frost.

She was alive but not living at times,

Her stories and art brewed in her mind. 


Thanks for reading.


Much Love,



18 May

I will NOT be ignored.

Understand this.

Let it seep into the deepest corners of your soul.

I am not a diva. This is not my ego talking.

But respect given is respect earned.

Believe me when I say,

I know my worth and I will not settle for less.

So listen to these words,



Dear Reader, it’s been a while! I’ve missed you. Hope you are keeping well.

Much Love,




26 Jan

Hello reader! This was a random piece I wrote on a friend’s post on Instagram. It was a post about Pacific Rim and how she loved the machines so I was teasing her about having a crush on the leading man. 🙂

“His name is Gypsy Danger. Oohhhh yeeeaahhh”, she said as the word ‘Raleigh’ whispered through her head. Her heart fluttered at the thought of him riding Danger on the screen in front of her. 

Man and machine, flesh and metal fused together as one. Big, bad, and devastatingly beautiful. Her heart was hers no more, it belonged to the figures behind that thin layer of glass before her. More aptly, it belonged to the man behind the machine. 

That’s it. Hope you like it. It was fun to write.
Much love,
– V


24 Jan

He speaks with a voice a soft as new snow,

A little dry, A little wet, A little low,

My heart knows his heart and his heart mine,

Our souls have been friends for a very long time,

Lady Love is here,

She sings her little song,

I weep, and laugh, and dance along,

Stay my darling, Sleep in my arms,

Feel the truth of our love through our sweaty palms,

Entwined, Together,

Our Hearts delight,

For you are mine, My Love,

And I’m yours for life.


Thanks for reading.
Much love,
– V