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30 Nov


In nature there is truth,

In nature there is silence,

In nature there is wisdom,

In nature there is solace,

In nature there is ‘you’,

In nature there is music,

In nature there is art,

In nature there is freedom,

In nature there is God.

Much Love,


Midnight Musings #1

26 Nov

Hello, here’s another something I wrote. Hope you like it. I decided to call these little pieces my Midnight Musings. Raw, real and all over the place. It is what it is :

I’m making my way.

As we all are.

Waddling, falling, running, walking.

I try. I pick my broken self off the ground and try again.

It f*c*ing hurts sometimes.

Outside looking in. Riddled in sin.

Quiet moments elude.

Peace and truth. Laughter.

What is real? I am. Human.

Me. You. Them. Us. We. He. She.

What else? Nothing.

Walk on. Dream on. Ride on.

Cry on.

F*c*ing keep trying until you drop and can’t anymore.

We all have our demons. Its okay.

Fight. Lose. Succeed. Win. Love.

Another day. Believe.

Much love,


13 Nov

Hello! It truly has been a while since I’ve blogged here. Sorry for my disappearing act. So much has happened. But I am back, with a new resolve to post more often. =) I was thinking of joining the DailyPost 10 minute free-write to give myself jumpstart of sorts but after writing it, maybe this post is a little bit too kooky. I don’t know. If you’d like to join though, I’ve added the link below :


My darling.

I see you.
I see your hurt,
I see your pain,
I see the little bits and pieces that remain.

Please forgive the past promises,
The dreams of solitude,
The lost desires,
The burdens of truth.

You lied, You broke,
You cheated, You stole,
You left me beaten,
Far from whole.

Enough words,
Enough pretty lies,
Enough dinners,
Its time for goodbye.

This light within,
Cannot quench your sin,
Behind closed doors,
I will suffer NO MORE.

Tick Tock the clock goes,
WE are on time borrowed,
Do you hear the bell chime,
Will you heed my rhymes?

I am no more,
Beyond this floor,
Beyond this life,
Riddled with strife.

Enough is enough,
Let me kiss you goodbye,
At least we can say,
We really tried.

Don’t you see the taint?
No darling I won’t faint,
It is rotting from the core,
I can’t take it anymore.

These words flow,
I wish you know,
I wish it was true,
I wish I missed you.

My time is almost up,
I feel it looming,
Don’t fret my darling,
I am a flower eternally blooming.

So this is goodbye,
Don’t you dare wonder why,
I speak as I grow,
You’ll live and you’ll know.

Adieu my lover,
Friend and savior,
May our paths cross again,
Perhaps this time I will be the assassin.

We’ve come so far,
Am I still on par?
I am free with these words,
I am free like a bird.


So that’s what I came up with in 10 minutes. I just wrote whatever came out. It was somewhat therapeutic and completely random.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading it. =)

Much Love,